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November 2022

Wake-up your service department!

The average dealer in America averages less than 70% service absorption. Make your goal for 2023,

Take this Simple Test to see if your service department is Dialed-In or Asleep. This test will help you identify any problem areas in your Service Department so you can make changes to close the year strong.

Answer these questions and click the link below to compare your dealership to top-performing dealers nationwide.

  1. How many repair orders are your Service Advisors writing per day?
  2. What is your total shop productivity (billed to Clocked hours)?
  3. How many service bays per productive Technician?
  4. What is the labor gross profit margin?
  5. What is the customer pay parts gross profit margin?
  6. What is the gross profit margin on sublet?
  7. What is the technicians-to-service advisor ratio?
  8. What is the number of hours sold per repair order?
  9. What is your operating profit?

Compare Your Numbers to the Nation’s Top Dealers¬†

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