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March 2023

Service Advisors VS Appointment Coordinators

Appointment Coordinators can help your dealership improve shop productivity and increase upsells. Transitioning incoming phone calls from Service Advisors to trained Appointment Coordinators will improve scheduling and allow Service Advisors more time for the reception and walk-around presentations.

Below are some Benefits of Appointment Coordinators:

  • Frees up the Service Advisor to focus on upselling 
  • Plant the seed for upcoming maintenance
  • Make Customer appointment reminder calls
  • Contact all no-shows
  • Reduce the number of calls put on hold

Ohio Fixed OPS Training Center

Registration is Now Open

Service Advisor
March 13-14
Course Details

  • Proactive Communication Skills when handling customer frustrations with regard to scheduling, parts delays,    and repair completion time
  • Mastering Menu Presentations to Customers & Selling from Inspection Results
  • Telephone Techniques for handling customer calls and proper scheduling practices for higher shop productivity
  • Putting Your Customer First: A 10-Step Service Process for higher customer satisfaction and quicker service
  • Techniques for Delivering Features and Benefits Presentations

Fixed Ops Leadership
March 15-17
Course Details

  • Fixed Operations Performance Metrics to Achieve 100% Absorption
  • Increasing Gross Profit and Margins while Increasing CSI
  • Parts & Service Guides to Net Profit Improvement
  • Managing the 10-Step Service Process for higher customer satisfaction
  • Evaluating & Motivating Employees to Change and Perform Consistently
  • Learning to Hire and Recruit Top Performers
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Building a Profit Improvement Plan
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